Friday, May 29, 2009

This is a little travel case I picked up at an auction, well the person who bought the whole cart of junk was going to throw it away so I took it!!! Saved it all winter so that I could plant something in it.

The photo with the bench and saddle are one of the perks of my job.. I work at a landfill and most of the guys know I love junk. So the bench and the saddle are some of the things people actually throw away and in turn I get. The boots however are quite another story... You see I've been married to my guy for 19 years, and in those 19 years he has never really bought me anything himself. He has always sent our oldest daughter to the store to buy me presents for birthdays, etc. Well this one time he goes and buys me the Ariat boots I want at the Tractor Supply.. I loved them to pieces mainly because he actually walked into a store and made the purchase himself. I had them all of 2 weeks and our chocolate lab chewed them up. I cried and all the man said was "You should have put them up!!!". They were up on my trunk in the bedroom and she still got them down and destroyed them. So rather than throw my one great memory away, I planted flowers in them and I think they look wonderful!!


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